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9 Reviews for “Guam Community College Guam”
  1. May 30th, 2013
    kaneko Says:

    do you have Japanese lesson or classes available for teaching?

  2. December 21st, 2011
    Paul Japan Says:

    I want to learn japanese

  3. November 21st, 2011
    Janelle Says:

    I want to learn Pottery too! I hope someone can help me to find a place here in Guam that offers Pottery Class..

  4. August 20th, 2011
    Farrah Says:

    I would like to learn pottery. I’m not sure if they have classes or short courses here. So far, I have heard only good feedback for Guam Community College.

  5. August 8th, 2011
    Vickie Says:

    They have a lot of courses to offer. They also teach several language courses. You can email them through their Quick Links drop down box. Just go to ‘Contacts’ and you can leave them your name, email address, and your message.

  6. June 11th, 2011
    Shi Ling Fa Says:

    I can’t find their email address in the website below so I post my inquiry here. I hope someone can help me.

  7. June 11th, 2011
    Shi Ling Fa Says:


    I am Lovely (English name) from China and I ‘m looking for a good school where I can learn better English which wouldn’t cost me too much. Do you accept foreign students? If so, how can I apply and what information do I need to know? Please advice me accordingly.


    Shi Ling Fa

  8. June 10th, 2011
    Strawberry Says:

    Hi Michael,

    You might want to check their website regarding that.

    Here is the link

  9. May 2nd, 2010
    michael Says:

    Do you have music classes at GCC? Specifically guitar?

Guam Community College Guam Phone Number:

(671) 735-5636

Guam Community College Guam Address:

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