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The Hagatna Martial Art Center is a new facility that offers a safe and positive training environment for people with an open mind to improve their mental and physical strength.

Learn self-defense, become physically fit, build character and gain confidence through our Kyokushin Karate and Kickboxing classes.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art, EVA foam mats that not only provide protection from falls but also help lessen repetitive strain on the body. Mirrors, heavy bags, focus mitts, kicking shields, big mitts, jump ropes and hand weights are available to provide students with a well rounded training experience

With over 30 years of combined experience in training, instructing and international competition, our instructors can provide you the tools to achieve your goals. All of our instructors are certified in Japan and receive training from the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan on a regular basis. Our students range from children as young as 5 years old to working adults with families.

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2 Reviews for “Hagatna Martial Arts Center Guam”
  1. June 10th, 2011
    Richie Says:

    My son went to Hagatna Martial Arts Center for his basic Kyokushin Karate class. I’ve seen good outputs from him since then, not only physically but also on his self discipline.

  2. May 19th, 2011
    Adolf Says:

    Hagatna Martial Arts Center offers excellent classes. They have outstanding community, skilled instructors and a cozy space. The best mind and body workout I’ve had.

Hagatna Martial Arts Center Guam Phone Number:

(671) 482-8860

Hagatna Martial Arts Center Guam Address:

107-B Padre Palomo St, Hagatna, Guam

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