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Piano Education for all levels, from beginning to advance. Beginning at age 4 years old. Repertoire taught in all period of music, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Contemporary, and Jazz. All lessons includes Ear training, Sight singing, Composition, Music theory, Music History.

Private, one on one highest standards of excellence in classical piano studies. College music majors welcome by auditions for masterclass and coaching.

Instructor member to National Guild of Piano teachers, College Musicians, certified with Music for Young Children, member and founder to Guam Music Teachers Association, Twenty years experience teacher and students have placed in honors, conventions, festivals, competitions. Previous member to California Music Teachers Association, national teachers association, Singing, and Early childhood music and movement association.

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4 Reviews for “Christina Martini Piano Studio Guam”
  1. August 29th, 2012
    ruby Says:

    Hello ! Ms Christina how much do you charge? and how many minutes per session?

  2. June 10th, 2011
    PianoNotes Says:

    I didn’t imagine my son will be as good as what he is with piano right now. Thanks to Christina for her patient and passion to share her talent to anyone whose willing.

  3. September 28th, 2010
    SoBlessed Says:

    My daughter makes me proud whenever she presents to some school or church activities. I feel so blessed with a talented child plus her nice music teacher.

  4. August 17th, 2010
    ProudParents Says:

    Amazing! Me and my husband at first were reluctant to take part in this class with Christina; but it’s a good thing we did enroll, and it absolutely was worth the tuition. Our son was so happy and involved. I can’t explain how I felt watching him play the piano in his recital.

Christina Martini Piano Studio Guam Phone Number:

(671) 486-4935

Christina Martini Piano Studio Guam Address:

Villo Trust Bldg, Tamuning Guam , Guam

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