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Harvest Christian Academy

Harvest Christian Academy Guam

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Best Christian (Elementary) School in Guam. Guam Christian (Elementary) School. guam travel, Are you skeptical about your kid’s studies or Guam’s education whenever you decided to move or stay in the island for good? Excellent quality education is really vital to children especially at their young age when we need to mold them and school, aside from the family, plays a big part in this stage. In this page, you will get to know your options for you kid’s early education. I have included two Christian schools in this page. Reading this can be a great help to some of your questions. Providence International Church Academy, unlike most schools, offers an individual approach to education. Students will get to learn at their own level at their own pace. This aims to address each child’s individually and discover his hidden potential. They even offer college courses, homeschooling, and distance learning here. Another great Christian school is Harvest Christian Academy (HCA). Aside from the fact that HCA teachers emphasize responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and good citizenship focusing in your kids social, mental, and spiritual aspect, they also aim to see and develop his potentials by being the only school in the island offering comprehensive Fine Arts program (including music, art, choir, dram, and piano) and some athletics program which will enhances your kid’s physical aspect. Guam Christian (Elementary) | z 2:00 am | Monday, February 23, 2009 | HotGuam-Education | 2:00 | | 2009, February 23, Monday | guam vacation, 2:00 | Monday, February 23rd, 2009 | 2:00 am